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Professional Book Writing and publishing is Easy if you know WHAT to do, WHERE to get stuff done, and HOW to publish, especially if you want to do it the most affordable way possible, yet still have a very professional looking book.

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Do you know that you can write just ONE chapter in a collaborative book, a compilation, anthology (they’re all the same) and become a best-selling author?

We work with entrepreneurs who want to become authors, might have a community of clients or followers and friends that they want to gather together to all write chapters in one themed book. 

There are dozens of these books published each year (probably hundreds but I know of dozens of opportunities). And you can make it easy on  yourself and rather than writing a whole full book yourself, get started with a chapter and someone else does all the work to publish it but you and the other authors reap the rewards. 

This is what we do. We work with both sides of these types of books… the compiling author and the authors who want to write in these books and build visibility.


Want to Write Just ONE Chapter Instead of a Whole Book This Year?

Want to Write Just ONE Chapter Instead of a Whole Book This Year?

Become a Co-Author in the Next Jumpstart Your _____ (blank) Compilation Book!

It's Easy and Affordable, Plus There are Numerous Benefits like coaching, marketing, Amazon Best-Seller campaign and more!

Each author fills in the blank with what THEY help others jumpstart with one or two words! we walk you through how to format and write your chapter, your webpages, do the marketing and even sell your books after!

We've published 80 authors in 6 books in 6 years so far, you can be next! Not to mention, we have clients every year with other books who are also looking for co-authors.

What type of chapter do you want to write and get out into the world?

The most common types of chapters are “your transformational story” and “your framework/system, what you help clients do or with”.


We have clients every year who compile both types of books. The investment for most compilation books is from $1,497-$3,497. And what you get varies.

I suggest that all my compiling authors give 25-35 copies of the paperback to each of their authors so they are excited about being an author right away. I also recommend that they think up other ways to give value to their authors, such as creating an online virtual speaking summit for authors, a second promotional opportunity throughout the year. We also host author calls with all the compilation books we run so authors know what is expected of them, we give them ideas on how to write their chapters, how to market it and many authors also learn a lot about how to utilize their website and landing pages for sales and optins too!

Jumpstart Yourself as a Speaker – Learn How Speaking is the Fastest Path to Cash for Entrepreneurs Wanting to Make a Big Difference and Earn a Big Income

This book is for entrepreneurs who help speakers succeed in some way or another. $997 Investment, 10 books.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs – The Do’s and Dont’s for Doing Joint Ventures and Referral Marketing for Entrepreneurs

This book is for entrepreneurs who help other entrepreneurs or online marketers succeed with JVs, Referrals, etc. in some way or another. $997 Investment, 10 books.

Written in Her Own Words – Wise Women Wisdom

In the next book with Mary Knippel, you would write your transformational story and as a book mentor, Mary would help pull that out of you and finesse it to share your legacy and make an impact.

Jumpstart Yourself as an Author – Learn How Becoming an Author of One, Two, or Ten+ Books is the Determining Factor to Growing Your Influence and Income

This book is for entrepreneurs who help authors succeed in some way or another. $997 Investment, 10 books.

We Have Helped Over 150 Writers Get Their Work Published or Become

International Best-Selling Authors! Do YOU Want to Be Next?

Whether you want to write a self-help book, business book, love story, book about your expertise, quote or tip book, compilation book with multiple authors, or a fictional book, we can support you. From just a few calls to point you in the right direction, maybe adding in a little “done with you”, to full on doing it all for you. It’s up to you and your budget what you can hire us for depending on what you need.

We believe in getting your book done FASTER and more AFFORDABLY regardless!

Did You Know That Compiling Your Own Book with Multiple Authors is a Great Income Stream?

We help entrepreneurs create multi-author books with your brand, your clients or followers and we do all the work! We have a very profitable compilation book model you can follow to add to your business’ bottom line.

You Will Be SOOOO Excited When You Get Your Box of Books!

Whether it’s your very first book, or your third, fourth or tenth book, sometimes you just need to outsource some of the work. Get excited about becoming an author or multi-book author – it’s a huge accomplishment and can really help you grow your business, authority and profits if done right! Plus, you’ll be a part of a community of authors just like you with the same goals, and you can collaborate with them!

The more books the better we say!

Have Questions? Want a Quote or to Speak with Katrina?

We help you create books that speak directly to your audience and builds a relationship with your followers. 

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