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The way this book works is that YOU Fill in the Blank with the thing YOU do with YOUR clients. Use this book as a MARKETING TOOL to get leads and grow your business.

All authors will be asked to help promote and market this book once it’s finished so this could go out to hundreds of thousands of people – all seeing YOUR message!

Jumpstart Your ______, Vol V will Include up to 20 authors from all over the World ~ INCLUDING KATRINA SAWA ~

All topics will be included from business, to self development, to love, health, wealth and more! We divide the chapters by section so it makes sense when reading once we finalize which chapters will be in each book. Most books have about half that fall into Self-Development and half that fall into Business-Development. Once I have the majority of the authors in each book committed then I choose a couple chapters to write myself to fill in what I feel is missing for that collection of chapters and topics.

Amazon Book Launch usually happens sometime between August and October each year. Sign up now and you’ll have plenty of time to write your 1500-1800 word chapters. Plus, I help you! 

Fill in the form to the right if you’re at all interested in this opportunity and give me an idea of what your “chapter focus” would be.

For example, if you’re a Sales Coach, you’d want to write Jumpstart Your Sales or Jumpstart Your Profits. If you’re a Financial Planner, you might write Jumpstart Your Financial Plan, or Jumpstart Your Wealth or Jumpstart Your Retirement. Get creative!

We’ve even had people write Jumpstart Your Happiness, Joy, Mindfulness, Creative Thinking, Parenting Skills, the topics are unlimited. Take a look at the list below to see what fits for you or come up with your own!

Your specific topic could SELL OUT so don’t wait to at least share that you’re interested… no obligation to purchase by filling in the form today!

Have Questions? Fill in the form and let’s have a quick discussion! 

I promise that I only want motivated entrepreneurs and there is no pressure… but think about how cool it would be to be an author THIS YEAR! AND… all 5 of the books in the series have gone International Best Seller in our Amazon Book Launches, you could too!



Each chapter would fill in the blank, one category per book such as the following – PICK ONE or come up with your own!

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We help you create books that speak directly to your audience and builds a relationship with your followers. 

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