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This very condensed but content packed 10-minute video training will give you a TON of ideas on how to get more of your books in more people’s hands. From selling them on your website, at events, and via social media to donating them to swag bags of conferences where your ideal clients will be in attendance. 


Listen into this training and download the 2-page checklist to make more money with your book either with direct sales or sales of other services once people read your book!

Both are very valid ways to add tens of thousands of dollars or more to your revenue each year


My Jumpstart Publishing company has published over 110+ authors so far and we’re just getting started!! (No pressure to hire us when you sign up to listen in however, just come and learn!)

We also work on an “A La Carte” basis instead of big retainers or project fees. We want to help you get your book done the more affordable way possible. We have great, inexpensive vendors to help and can do just a few consults if you need just a little help – all the way to doing it all for you too. Don’t be shy, sign up to chat with us as soon as you listen into this training! 

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What might be a Great Next Step for you is my JUMPSTART YOURSELF AS AN Author Training!

Regardless of what kind of book you want to write, whether it’s a traditional paperback, hardcover, a spiral bound, a square book, or a compilation book, this program will help you get CLARITY, a PLAN and Affordable Resources to get it done.

Whether you want to write:

  • Your story
  • A motivational book
  • Business book
  • Quote book
  • Tips book
  • Children’s book
  • Fiction/Non-Fiction
  • And more!

This training program will help you get your information out of your head and organized into the book (or books) that you’re meant to write.

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We help you create books that speak directly to your audience and builds a relationship with your followers. 

  • Address:  PO Box 6, Roseville, CA  95661
  • Email:  info at jumpstart publishing dot net
  • Phone: (916) 872-4000



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