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We’re excited you decided to get access to this great training. Our goal for this call is to get you inspired to become an author sooner than later and to share a lot of the ways you CAN publish a printed book (or ebook to start).

There is a LOT to know and many price points to consider when publishing. We’ve learned a LOT about this with our own many books and publishing experience with clients. Bring your Questions to the call!

Some of the things we covered on this training:

  • Writing tips for authors who tend to move slow
  • How to turn your content, videos, blogs and podcasts into a book
  • How to sell higher end programs with with your book
  • Use your book as a marketing tool to bring in clients, referrals and more
  • Ways you can get published to expand your reach and authority
  • Host your own multi-author book and add $20-40K to your annual revenues!

    Here are some of the links and stuff we shared in the chat on how to reach both of us. Don’t be shy!

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    For help building your business around your book, get trainings here:

      Your Hosts for this Masterclass

      We have a track record of delivering excellence through our services. 

      Katrina Sawa
      CEO Jumpstart Your Biz Now / Jumpstart Publishing

      Katrina Sawa has been a successful 6+-figure business coach for entrepreneurs for over 20 years. She’s been in and/or written 20 books, 12 of which have gone Int’l Best-Seller.


      Katrina is based out of Northern California and is a sought after speaker for entrepreneur conferences, summits and podcasts.  She has been featured on the Oprah & Friends XMRadio Network, TheCW, & ABC.


      Katrina is passionate about helping entrepreneurs make a LOT more MONEY doing what the LOVE and uses proven marketing, sales strategies and systems to allow clients to reach a wider audience.

      Lil Barcaski
      CEO GWN Publishing / Virtual Creatives

      Lil Barcaski has been a self-starting entrepreneur for her entire 30 plus year career. In the past she has been a successful restaurateur and a professional actor/musician.


      Lil is based out of the Tampa Bay area and a much sought-after ghostwriter, writing coach, and business consultant.  She has ghostwritten dozens of books in the business, memoir, and even fiction genres.


      Her main speaking platform is “Writing for the Greater Good.”
      Main topics include writing, speaking, publishing, and diversity.

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      We help you create books that speak directly to your audience and builds a relationship with your followers. 

      • Address:  PO Box 6, Roseville, CA  95661
      • Email:  info at jumpstart publishing dot net
      • Phone: (916) 872-4000



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