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The way this book works is that YOU Fill in the Blank with the thing YOU do with YOUR clients. Use this book as a MARKETING TOOL to get leads and grow your business.

All authors will be asked to help promote and market this book once it’s finished so this could go out to hundreds of thousands of people – all seeing YOUR message!

The Jumpstart Your _____ books Include up to 20 authors from all over the World every year ~ INCLUDING KATRINA SAWA ~

All topics will be included from business, to self development, to love, health, wealth and more! We divide the chapters by section so it makes sense when reading once we finalize which chapters will be in each book.

Fill in the form to the right if you’re at all interested in this opportunity and give me an idea of what your “chapter focus” would be OR just scroll to the bottom and sign up and save $$ now.

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All the Nitty Gritty Details Are Here:

  • Your 1500-1800 word chapter submission will be due usually around April or May each year depending on how fast we get all the authors enrolled.
  • The goal is to launch the kindle version of the book first, usually in late summer each year. (this is for the Amazon Best-Seller campaign) Print books will come out shortly following this launch.
  • The cover designs are all the same but I alternate a different color book each year.
  • Your photo and bio will be at the back of your chapter inside the book in black and white, all authors will also include a free gift at the end of your chapter to drive people to your website! (I help authors figure out what to do regarding that, how to make people want to come talk with you or get more info, don’t worry.)
  • We have all sorts of chapter topics every year – from business, to self development and health, yours will fit too (look below for ideas!) I divide up the book into sections after we see what chapters we have.
  • You’ll be writing up to a 1500-1800 word chapter, NO MORE, it’s up to you but please do not exceed 1800 words (I can help you finesse your chapter to fit that and if you feel like you can’t write that much, I give you suggestions on what type of content to add as you go as well. I’m very good at helping authors hone your message, story and content to help you look good and drive leads.)
  • Your bio for the end of your chapter must be no more than 70 words in total.
  • Your title has to fit the format of “Jumpstart Your _____” and can include one or two words only please. Your chapter will also have a subtitle that we can finesse once it’s written.
  • The book will be professionally edited and designed inside and out.
  • Katrina will be heading up the project management, production and publication of the book with her team.
  • We will be doing an Amazon best-seller campaign when it launches in hopes to get #1 in US and/or International if we’re able (all books so far have gone Int’l Best-Seller).
  • You can include one b/w image inside your chapter other than your headshot if you give us a good quality image but only one and this is not necessary. Hardly anyone includes an image but some inquire.
  • The whole inside of the paperback book will be black and white, ebooks will be in full color.
  • All authors will have their headshots on the back cover of the book, as shown here in color but really small.
  • All authors names will be listed with their chapter title and subtitle in the Table of Contents as well as on the Book page on Amazon. (You can view all books on Amazon by clicking here.)
  • There will be many conference calls (anywhere from 6-12 calls depending on how many authors need help) for authors to help you write your chapter, focus on the call to action from it to your website, what to do ON your website to capture leads, and how to market, promote and sell your book too when it’s done. Authors also form alliances and collaborate with each other in other ways beyond the book.
  • Authors don’t make money on the Kindle book sales or print sales on Amazon, those go only to the publisher, Jumpstart Publishing (however it’s not that much, trust me). Where authors can make money on book sales is by selling the book on YOUR own website or at events, to clients, etc. We show you how to do that and give you the content for the page, image, etc. You would use a way to take credit cards via your site and we can discuss how to do all of that if you’re not sure.
  • Authors receive 25 copies of the print book when it’s done plus the PDF of the digital version of the book and you may sell, give or use those as you wish, you just aren’t allowed to alter the PDF in any way. If you would like more copies of your book at any time you order them through Jumpstart Publishing and we buy and ship them on demand for you at a lower author cost from Amazon. You will not just buy them retail. That way you have a chance at making a few bucks per book.
  • We have priced the Jumpstart Your ____ books anywhere from $16.95 – $18.95 and I usually leave this up to a vote each year with the current authors.

Don’t wait to RESERVE YOUR WORD/PHRASE NOW. If you know you are ready to commit and choose/reserve YOUR WORD now, then make it official and click one of the buttons on this page and pay now – two options, paying in full or making monthly payments. Remember, this investment includes becoming an author in the book, 25 books, Coaching Calls, massive exposure and promotion by myself and all the other authors, collaboration opportunities with all the other authors in this and previous jumpstart books, private Facebook group, and an Amazon best-seller campaign!! That is huge exposure for very reasonable investment.

What’s the investment?

A fraction of what this would cost to publish your own book by yourself that’s for sure! Plus our team does all the work, you just need to write a quick chapter. It’s nothing more than a longer article. You can do this!

Participation in compilation books like this run from $1,500 – $7,500! And usually with most of those you only get 1-5 books in hand when you’re done, and they rarely do the extent of the number of authors calls I hold! I want you to be informed, all throughout the process.

I’ve personally paid up to $2,500 to be included in a compilation book and I’m in 18 of them now myself! They are a great way to add credibility to me (especially early on in my business). I even got on my local news being featured in one of them. I highly recommend being an author as soon as possible in your business and this is a very inexpensive and easy way to do that. I talk through all possible strategies for promoting the book when you’re done too with books in hand. You’ll learn a lot about marketing, lead magnets, funnels, and automation during this process too!

Your Investment for the Jumpstart Your _____ (blank) book, is normally $3,400 and you get 25 copies of your book when it’s done! If you see a different price on this page then it’s on special right now, so hurry and commit with the links below.

And you can even have 3-10 months to pay that off while you’re working out the content if you want with a payment plan! (There is a small admin fee for payment plan and depends on when you sign up.)


Become An Author by April 15, 2024

and Save 50%!!

(Then price goes up to $2,400, then to regular price in May.)

My Personal Guarantee: If we can’t find a word for your WHAT that ends up working for you in your business (Jumpstart Your ___ ?) within two months of you joining the book or within 2 author coaching calls, then I will refund your investment in full.

PLUS… if you’re worried about what exactly you’ll write or how to incorporate what you do into your chapter or on your website as a call to action from your chapter, don’t worry, we will help you through any of this on the author coaching calls! I’ve helped prompt authors on what to say where in their chapters and I’ve also edited long chapters down. You will have support with this. And the goal is to make you LOOK GOOD.

Here is a huge list of possible WHATs to give you some ideas on what you would choose. Note: these all may not be available when you sign up so you’ll want to give me your top 2-3 choices once you pay. 


Each chapter would fill in the blank, one category per book such as the following – PICK ONE or come up with your own!

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Become An Author by April 15, 2024 and Save $1,000!! (Price goes up to $3,400!)

We help you create books that speak directly to your audience and builds a relationship with your followers. 

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  • Email:  info at jumpstart publishing dot net
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