Want to Become an Author or Learn how to Publish a Book?

Professional Book Writing and publishing is Easy if you know WHAT to do, WHERE to get stuff done, and HOW to publish, especially if you want to do it the most affordable way possible, yet still have a very professional looking book.

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Do You Have a Draft, or an Idea for a Book But Don’t Know How to Get It Done & Turn It Into a Real Print Book?

You may need:

  • Support to finish and fine tune the manuscript
  • A beautiful cover design
  • A great editor to make your book sing
  • A marketing plan for book launch and sales
  • A book webpage or author website
  • And so much more…

What We Can Do For You?

We at Jumpstart Publishing are here to transform your ideas, your draft or simply your thoughts into an amazing book that can not only grab the reader’s attention, but we are capable of bringing your idea to life in the form of a professionally written and published book.

Our team of expert Book Coaches, Business and Marketing Coaches, publishing experts, copy editors, proofreaders, editors and graphic designers can help you through part of the process or the whole thing depending on what you need or want support with.

We Have Helped Dozens Of Writers Get Their Work Published

Whether you want to write a self-help book, business book, love story, book about your expertise, quote or tip book, compilation book with multiple authors, we can support you. From just a few calls to point you in the right direction, to full on doing it all for you. 

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Our Publishing Services


Book Writing Coaching

We seek to understand your ideas, and help you craft your outline, stories, manuscript, plus we give you ideas on how to repurpose your content in other formats for additional income.

Cover Design & Inside Layout

Your book cover is what makes or breaks your success. We give you options for how to showcase your baby. Our covers POP and stand out and so will yours when you use our professional services.

Professional Editing and Proofreading

Our Editors will  look after your project to ensure it does not contain any Grammatical or Sentence errors. This helps you deliver an exceptional product. 

Marketing Plans, Websites & Launch

We walk you through the plan for marketing your book even before the manuscript is even finished. We show you how to use your book to build a business, a website, a following and make money from it all too.

Print & eBook Publishing & PR

After the final manuscript has been approved for book publishing, we finalize it and initiate the process of publishing your book in your desired formats. We can do Amazon launches & press releases too as needed.

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Did You Know That Compiling Your Own Book with Multiple Authors is a Great Income Stream?

We help entrepreneurs create multi-author books with your brand, your clients or followers and we do all the work! We have a very profitable compilation book model you can follow to add to your business’ bottom line.

Client Success Stories

Whether it’s your very first book, or your third, fourth or tenth book, sometimes you just need to outsource some of the work. Get excited about becoming an author or multi-book author – it’s a huge accomplishment and can really help you grow your business!

Want to Write Just ONE Chapter Instead of a Whole Book This Year?

Become a Co-Author in the Next Jumpstart Your _____ (blank) Compilation Book!

It’s Easy and Affordable, Plus There are Numerous Benefits like coaching, marketing, Amazon Best-Seller campaign and more!

Each author fills in the blank with what THEY help others jumpstart! we walk you through how to format and write your chapter, your webpages, do the marketing and even sell your books after!

We’ve published 70 authors in 4 books in 5 years so far, you can be next! Not to mention, we have clients every year with other books who are also looking for co-authors.

Let’s Get Started

We help you create books that speak directly to your audience and builds a relationship with your followers. 


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